Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hello every one!

I am so proud of myself today. I actually accomplished everything that I wanted to accomplish!

- I organized my sewing/craft room
- I bought all the doodads that I didn't have (pins, different sized barrettes, alligator clips that I bought off of etsy)
- I finished everything in the to do basket
- I listed everything that was finished!

I'm still marveling at how long this all took to accomplish. I got home from DayJob at 2:30, shot the pictures by four and somehow it took me until seven to list everything. I think its the internet connection here, its terribly unstable. If I move the door to the computer casing, it jiggles the little modem and the internet goes 'good bye!'

I'm also not used to being at my fiance's house alone. His neighbors are playing loud 'boom! ba BOOM' music that is giving me a headache.


Any way, I am photographing several spider web ribbon pictures for the tutorial. I am uncertain if the internet will cooperate, but I will get it done :)

Oh if you want to see the new listings, check them out:

Blue headband embellished with Silk ribbon embroidery of blue flowers
This one made me think that there needed to be contrast on the blue, so I created the cell phone case:

I'm also embroidering ribbon for scrapbooking now!

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