Sunday, June 6, 2010

Leaf tutorial


Thanks for stopping by for the leaf tutorial! I've created a new sampler to have fresh pictures to show you. We're building off of the prior Fuchsia and Stem tutorials, so please check those out.

Step one assumes that you've created your flower and stem. Sweet. Now we go onto the care free and fun area, leaves. Leaves fit in just about anywhere. If you accidentally poked a needle through somewhere and have a big glaring hole, you can put a leaf there! I strongly recommend against sewing to hide tears or stains, be honest with your buyers. Sort of a wierd tangent, but back to the leaves!

Decide which leaf type you will like to embroider. Fanciful and whimsical? Lazy Daisy. Perfectly formed and elegant looking? A ribbon stitch leaf!

The Lazy daisy begins by pulling the thread or ribbon to the front of the fabric. Now you place it very close to where you brought the needle through and pull through to the back slowly. Be careful not to snag the knot with the needle. When you get a well formed loop, bring the needle up to the front of the fabric where you'd like the leaf to form. Continue to pull the thread through until it forms a good loop. If you want a tighter leaf, pull the thread so that the loop forms behind the thread you just pulled up. Place the needle on the other side of the thread, tucking it in. Bring the needle to the back of the fabric and you've just completed your first lazy daisy!
Lazy Daisy Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
part 4

part 5Completing the stitch:

Place the needle down right behind that leaf shape.

Congrats! You just made a lazy daisy leaf!
Here are some options with lazy daisy stitches:
Stop by later in the week to learn the other leaf stitch pictured here, the ribbon stitch leaf. Practice your ribbon stitches and I bet you'll come up with your own ribbon stitch leaf techniques! If you need a refresher on ribbon stitch (and french knots) stop by the archives:
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  1. I am so glad I found your tutorials on ribbon embroidery. I think this work is so lovely and always wanted to learn how to. I love you Blog and shop..