Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Fuchsia stemTutorial


Thanks for stopping in for the fuchsia leaf tutorial. I recommend stitch the fuchsia flowers first. The initial step of the leaves is 'connecting' the flowers to stems, so if you commit and stitch the stems first than you are- well, committed to sticking to that for the piece.

Step one- start at the top of your flowers. You will now thread one strand of embroidery floss and lay the frame work for your flowers leaves. Here are two examples of how your final piece could look:This is where you will stitch that top 'loop'. It can look like a mound on the 'm' .
2. Connect the buds and flowers via thin connecting stems. If you have a two - tier piece like the dark pink fuchsia, I begun the stems at the bottom. A quick straight stitch connects the bottom well.
For the two end fuchsia stems, I suggest a lazy daisy. Look at the above picture. You can tell that there's no real lazy daisy stitch. What I did was make a long stitch and then slightly pull and pin it to give it a curved shape.

The leaves shall be coming, I'm going to go photograh some!

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