Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Del Mar Fair

I also want to apologize for my spotty presence on this blog and on Etsy. I got some odd virus that caused me to lose my voice for several days. In the midst of that, the 'check engine' light on my car caused me some distress (and lost me the use of my car for a few days). Thankfully it was all sorted out, but I felt out of sorts!

I spent some of the down time sketching new ideas- including new monograms. I am currently sewing a few writs-lets & pouches that are turning out well!

I went to the Del Mar fair yesterday- and the Botanical Gardens were gorgeous. There were glorious hybrids- including purple trumpets that had bright green edging on the petals! I was inspired by the flowers. I took many photographs to bring the flowers to you over the course of the week! If you are going to the fair, I caution against trying the odd deep fried food. My boyfriend & I tried a deep fried Klondike bar & I was sick hours later. The waffle fries were delicious, though!

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