Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm sitting down after work (an easy 5 hour day, woo!) and I logged in to check my Etsy. I almost never check the storque (I'm not quitting my day job or flying to France to source my materials, kthnx) and I actually found an interesting article.

Daily Worth: Profits Come From Business Models, Not Ideas

It actually seems to have some sound ideas that I can try. For example, a long time ago, I was considering breeding & selling betta. I was going to get a log for logging income and outcome (just like accounting class!) and a lock box where all my 'shop money' lived, so it wasn't eaten up by other expenses. Long story short and three years later; I still have my favorite two fish that I bred and two of my 'pretties' from Thailand. I never did make a business out of it; although now I am much more dedicated to make etsy work. For one, I can 'work the hop' without carrying 4 50 lb buckets!:) Always a plus!
Time to work on the business model!

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