Friday, May 7, 2010

Head Band Day for Friday!

I'm going for it people. A full on, all day sewing extravaganza! I know, I know that you are all flashing back to last week where I spent forty five minutes at my work place waiting on my check and an hour at the bank to deposit said check.

Fear not! My nifty little sewing bag is coming with me with three head bands all cut out and the little four inch embroidery hoop my lovely mother gave me. I shall sew on!

I really want to buckle down and get these ideas out. I have a green flower headband, my bluebell blue headband and my paisley pink head band. I then have a new wristlet pattern that Mom sent over. Then there's my eye glass case project that I've been dying to try. Come hell or high water, somethings are going to be completed! Wish me luck :)


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