Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wonderful Etsy trade!


I had a wonderful day yesterday all because of a fellow Etsian who goes by LJCtree. I was admiring her bath bombs in the Etsy chat- when she contacts me about a trade! You have to remember that I have yet to make a sale- or figure out what people like about my pieces. Getting this whisper was a big ego boost!

I start poking around her store for a 'trade'- and let me tell you, it was really hard. It was so hard because she has so many amazing pieces. She has bath bombs that look like sweet, edible cupcakes- and jewelry that looks like treasury to be!

I'm starting a new 'Wishlist Wednesday'- and here's a preview from LJCtree!

Look at the lovely packaging there. She also has a neat little story with each listing. Go click a few of her items- I caught myself reading the descriptions on quite a few things!

Can you guess which of her items I bought- and which I'm buying next payday?

Here is her blog:

She writes about touring DC (I did that last summer too! We should totally bond over that...) and about other Etsians to check out. Keep an eye on this sweet lady- and her scrumptious treats!

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