Saturday, April 10, 2010

Paisley Headbands are introduced!


One of my promised new lines has come to fruition! The Paisley Line will consist of unique, hand sketched paisley designs embroidered onto headbands, wristlets, cuffs and pouches. I have enjoyed crafting the debut of the line immensely.

I started with 18 by 4 1/2 piece of purple diamond patterned fabric. Using a water soluble marking pen, I sketched designs freehand along the length of the head band.
I then selected the colors- aqua, light blue, rich purple, pink! As i stitched, I saw several opportunities to introduce silk ribbon embroidery. I stem stitched lilac along the pink and purple. Satin stitches of maroon marched along, then were flanked by more delicate ribbon stitches.

I couldn't resist adding a few beads for shimmer!I decided against filling the length of the band with designs as I had originally sketched. The designs chosen complemented each other and ensured that the piece wasn't too outlandish. I carefully stitched the head band, stitching back and forth to ensure that the stitches were tight and would hold up well for extended wearing!

The embroidery is slightly off center, but in laying it against my head, I saw that the headband can be slid along to display different designs!
Please forgive how horrible my hair looks in this photo, I washed it prior to trying on the headband and didn't take time to style it. I did want to ensure that the exposed elastic isn't visible- and even though I've recently had 18 inches of my hair cut, my short hair style easily hid the elastic.

Photos! There are *lots*!


  1. Super cute!

    I found you through the Etsy forums and am now following your blog. Best of luck to you!