Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Pouch type

I am glad to say that I have created my own pattern for a pouch!

I based this project from a wristlet pattern that I have been using for my wristlets.

Substantial changes were made to the pattern- the pattern for a wristlet required folding the completed wristlet so that it makes a compact size on one's wrist. I altered the pattern to allow for a larger size for a pouch.

I'll likely be using this pouch for light carrying at the gym. Its the perfect size for a cell phone, locker key and gym towel.

I plan on making a few changes before this is availiable to the public. I'll be adding a stable lining and a strong drawstring cord so that the pouch can be used to its full potential. I'm off to alter the pattern and create a new pouch!
Be well!

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