Thursday, April 22, 2010

How did the crafting day go? Well, step in and see!

Today was my assigned crafting day! A whole day off, with my only obligation being to pick up my pay check. The day started off with me enjoying the sweet pea soap from ljctree. I then opened my packages from justupthealley, paintedandcreated and Baggavond!
I was pleasantly surprised with each item. I have new scrapbook things, a new bow clip holder and a new bead mat! I feel rich :)

I started out with measuring and cutting for some head bands out of upcycled material! I then washed the lining for my pink purse. Then it was time to pack up my pinned blue head band and take it to work with me to get my check! Two thirty at McDonalds is rushed, so I sat and sewed with Kara while we waited.

I returned home around four and picked up a half completed project- the pink purse material is now dry! While embroidering the final patch, I photographed the process for the tutorial that will be up tonight :) I stitched on the two 'patches' - a silk ribbon foxglove in pink and foxgloves & irises!

The next thing on the to do list was to cut out the pattern for my new idea- a purse companion or simple organizer! The idea is that it is a small pouch for lipstick/keys, three card pockets, side coin pouch, fabric toggle for clip for wristlet or keys.

It's calling to me now- off to sew :) Keep an eye out for upcoming photos & tutorial on irises and foxgloves!

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