Thursday, April 8, 2010

Anne's Reading List


Today is a busy day :)

Planned things to watch for:

Thursday: Anne's reading List!

Friday: A photographed step - by step of how to embroider a Blue Convolvulos!

I'll be getting this post finished as soon as I get back from mailing my trade to LJC. Not bad!

--- After the Post office--

I had forgotten that the post office was such a big chore! The town that I live in has recently moved the post office to share a building with the library- which is right next to the police station and the fire department. As i pull up to park in Vons across the street (as these four buildings share these small interconnected parking lots), I spot three dozen police officers running around. Odd. I then notice three fire trucks parked in the same lot as I had. It turns out someone had tried to steal another ATM from a local store!

I'm not sure what the fire trucks were there for- supporting the cops? The lesson of the day? If you are going to steal an ATM machine, try for one that isn't across the street from the local authorities.

As I left the post office, I saw that my parking lot was still swarming with police officers- and fire trucks were still parked behind my car. I decided to stay out of a potential news scene and ducked into the library. Am I glad that I did! I picked up four new books- 'In the Nursery', '50 nifty beaded cards' , 'Doodle stitching, fresh & fun embroidery' and 'First steps in quilting'.
These are a few of the projects that caught my eye:

Friday's new gimmick- Anne's reading list :) See you soon!

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