Monday, March 1, 2010

Today's craft projects number three

Good evening!

Today was a day spent crafting (and well spent). I've misplaced my camera, but I'll get pictures up as soon as I can.

I returned to the first pouch where all of this began. This was before I'd bother with measuring or anything, so the dimensions were worked by eye. I used plain brown flannel that I enjoy a great deal. Taking a piece of fabric that I had been using to practice the stitches from my new book, the encyclopedia of flowers (that might not be the exact name, I'll have to check), I pinned it to the pouch. I've decided to try and crazy quilt it onto the pouch. It's definitely going to pop!

Google - fu revealed this site:

It looks interesting!

The Red Rose necklace was completed today. The focal piece is red rose carved out of stone. I used a formal sort to set up brown beads and red beads, then loosened up as I went along. I like how it turned out.

I've picked up some more fabric & beads on my day off, so I plan on sitting down with them soon. Pictures to come!

Planned Projects:
Crazy quilt Pouch
Embroidered head band

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