Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reality check

I have literally spent two hours cruising through the Etsy forums (check it out, it's wildly entertaining).

I never realized how seriously people take their craft. Here I sit, crafting in the wee hours between Mcdonalds, school and my meager social life. In addition to creating pretty things, you have to pimp yourself on facebook, send out gift cards to every one you know, become an expert photographer and oh yeah, all of this:

Wow. I got into jewelry making as a 'you know, this would be fun, too!' while I was picking up fabric for my pouch making. I literally dragged a big, plastic purple bin out of my closet that my mom saved for me (she gave it to me when I was around nine). It was full of all these seed beads and little stuff that you give to a kid. It's like candy land!

I don't want to pimp myself to my friends on facebook. I don't really feel like assualting stranegrs with my business cards. If this means that I might not ever make a sale on etsy, that's O.K with me. I'll make what I enjoy to make and when I run out of room, I'll mail them to friends and family.

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