Thursday, March 11, 2010

New idea


I was crafting some chokers while looking over my NERO book. I was suddenly struck by an idea to help casters track their spell uses- a bracelet where beads could be used as an abacus. For example, if a caster has a four block, the bracelet will look like this to start with:


Then the beads can be slid over with each level of spells cast. I'm off to create a prototype to see how feasible this is. Pictures coming soon.
Eh, the bead abacus(need to come up with a better name) is not doing well. I began by cutting wrist lengths section of silk ribbon, intending to string beads upon the ribbon and hook it into a multi - prong connector. The first setback was that the ribbon was far too wide to string any beads through. I stung a line of beads on wire and anchored the strand to the silk ribbon.

I am not pleased. I'll have to settle down with this after work tomorrow.

(I also just got a shipment of crafts in! Pictures coming soon).

I have worked on my 'spell - counter' idea a bit more. Here is my final idea:

It's far too chunky for a bracelet. I can try seed beads to make it more streamlined.

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