Thursday, February 18, 2010


Welcome to Seryna's Creations, where I showcase items that I have created. I began this project as a way to organize and improve upon the pieces that I am creating for West & Northcoast NERO.
You can find out more about NERO here:
West NERO is officially on hiatus currently, but I am attempting to organize a Market Day. If you are in So Cal and interested, send me a message.
While searching for some items for myself, I was shocked by some of the prices that were listed. If you would like to purchase one of my creations, please send me a message or comment on the blog.
All items here are made by hand- from the pouches to the spiral roses that adorn them. I will also enjoy the challenge of creating something just for you. If you see a pouch that you like but want it in another color or with a different design, send me a message and we can create something designed just for you.

A glossary that I will use to describe my projects.

NERO: This item may interest those interested in LARP, NERO or simply like natural - looking pieces.

Simple Items:
You may note that there are plain items for sale. These are for someone who wants a simple piece or desires to add their own personal touches. I will keep these items at a low cost- who wants to pay six bucks for a burlap sack? (Not that I stock burlap sacks, but I spotted such a 'deal' when I was purchasing for my own NERO events.)

Ribbon Embroidery embellishment:
However, you can also choose to have any item embroidered to your personal tastes by myself for a small fee. This fee is based on supplies utilized and time needed to complete the piece. A blooming expansive garden will cost more than a simple bouquet, for example.


You've likely noticed that there are two types of jewelry showcased here. The first is a natural sort, featuring beads and materials that fit a NERO setting. The beads are made of wood or metal and the visible medium is either a waxed linen or hemp.

The second sort is wire based jewelry that uses a majority of glass beads. You should consider how 'true' to the setting your Chapter holds if you are purchasing for NERO.

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