Sunday, February 21, 2010

The most fun I've ever had while stitching a flower

Abiding by patterns is a new thing for me- and something that I'm really enjoying! I started this flower with no idea how I was supposed to do it. It was clear that there were two different colored ribbons with ribbon stitches- yet there was a big yellow center, light green straight stitches and a row of little green french knots beside the center. What sort of flower is this? Any guesses, any one?
Well, I was determined to try, any way. So I get started on it. When I'm done with the first row of double stitches, I realize that it is lovely! I don't really know if I love the green lines/ yellow flower buds thing.

Screw the pattern.

Then I start looking at the next row, the pink flowers thing. I was thing of using the tulip technique that I learned from Carol Daisy:

So I get started with the stitching for the tulips- but the ribbon curls. I place the stitch any way and I like how the curled stitch comes out. Maybe the pattern isn't bad- for ideas! I'm enjoying this head band more and more...

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