Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The finished spell book

Thanks to some good people on Northcoast Nero, I have gathered enough information to create my spell book. I decided that my favorite piece should cover the book.

This is the design that I chose (when half way completed). I stitched brown flannel to three sides of the white design piece. It gives a nice contrast and will hopefully catch anything that might stain. NERO does involve lots of running in the woods!

On completion, I also added a 9 MM pink ribbon to the end of the piece and stitched it through with a ribbon stitch in 5 MM cream colored ribbon. I love vibrant colors and two stitches in canary yellow were placed at the start of the ribbon.
I sewed the design to a nature themed fabric and used that fabric to make a removable book cover.

(You can see a bit of the transfer ink still, but that comes off with a dab of water). The book was fun to make and I feel that it is very pretty. I'd love to hear your thoughts- drop me a line!

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