Sunday, February 21, 2010

Continuing the head band project

Today, I continue the head band project first mentioned here:
I began wanting a nice rose bouquet for the 'in game' side of the head band. I started off without a pattern, but then the pattern that I bought off ebay arrived the night after I began.

I'm not sure why there's random green, turquoise and purple french knots on this pattern. It doesn't really go with the 'stumbled across a rose bush' theme of the headband, so I discard that part of the pattern. Some contrasting roses would suit the head band better.

I decide to add a stem stitch in ribbon to the white roses.

Here's how it turns out:

In examining the headband pieces, I realize that the piece that I cut out for the 'out of game' side is already unraveling at the seams. Darn it. I haven't stitched the white head band side (as I gave the first design to my mother), so I decide to stitch the first half of the head band immediately before it unravels any more. I'll embroider the other side as soon as I can. I also like how the flannel lays over the white material when I stitch the corners. Perhaps I'll try and continue that when I finish up the head band.

I intend to sew up the end of the head band with cords and beads so that it can be tied in any sort of way. .
In opening another package from ebay, I discover the bell pull pattern that I really like. The colors, the whimsical form- they all look really pretty: The pattern needs to be horizontal, not vertical, so I might try various vines instead of a single one.

It will probably make more sense than various flowers all coming from a single vine, the only flaw that I see in this pattern.

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